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· CA Community Colleges
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The California Community Colleges Technology Center Awarded the 2017 Innovations in Networking Award for Educational Applications

In recognition of their work to develop a system-wide federated identity for students across the 113 California Community Colleges, the California Community Colleges Technology Center has been selected by CENIC as a recipient of the 2017 Innovations in Networking Award. Individuals named in the award include Tim Calhoon, Executive Director; Lou Delzompo, Chief Technology Officer; Patricia Donohue, Product Manager; Roberto Fuentes, Supervisor, Support Services; and Jeff Holden, Chief Information Security Officer.

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· CA Community Colleges, Cultural & Scientific, University of California, Healthcare, K-12, Libraries, RENS & NRENS
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CENIC and ESnet Announce Joint Cybersecurity Initiative

The Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC) and the Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) are pleased to announce a partnership between their organizations in the area of cybersecurity. The defense of information systems and networks is a necessary function of all modern enterprises, but scientific research organizations face particular challenges: support of open science and, increasingly, big-data science; diverse research portfolios; openness to experimentation across all intellectual domains; openness to collaborations within and across institutions – regionally, nationally, and internationally; and the need for seamless access to remote data-sources, scientific tools, and computational resources. The ESnet and CENIC communities share these challenges and are committed to improving the cybersecurity capacity of both organizations so that research is both open and secure.

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