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Advisory Councils

Technical Advisory Councils:

The Technical Advisory Councils (TACs) are comprised of interested members of the CENIC community who participate in the planning and design of CENIC networks and technologies. TACs provide advice on technology, including recommendations on hardware, software, interoperability issues, performance management, and network research priorities.

CalREN-HPR Technical Advisory Council
Advises on the development of CENIC's High-Performance Research (HPR) network, which provides leading-edge services for large-application users at CENIC associate sites through national and international research and educational networks such as Internet2, ESNet, and AARnet.

CalREN-DC Technical Advisory Council
Advises on CENIC's Digital California (DC) network, which provides high-quality network services for faculty, staff, students, researchers, patrons, and patients in member institutions through the commercial Internet.

CalREN-SEC Technical Advisory Council
Serves to provide technical analysis, review and recommendations on the design, installation, operation and performance of network security systems, tools, and techniques as part of the CalREN networks and their related infrastructure. The SEC TAC also provides analysis, review, and recommendations on network and data privacy issues related to CalREN and common to CENIC associates.