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Path-breaking 100-Gigabit Connections Between Level 3 and CENIC Networks

Path-breaking 100-Gigabit Connections Between Level 3 and CENIC Networks- CENIC has established links to Level 3's network in both San Jose and Los Angeles, Calif., delivering an unprecedented 200 gigabits per second of Internet capacity to California institutions. This upgrade complements the recent 100G backbone upgrades that CENIC had completed last year throughout California.

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Innovations in Public Libraries: The California Library Broadband Initiative

With the California State Library, CENIC, and Califa’s Library Initiative underway, the timeliness and relevance of an examination of broadband in the state’s public libraries couldn’t be better. In this Monday session, a great perspective on where things stand now, where they are headed, and how California will get there was provided by Tom Fortin (San Mateo County Library), Derek Wolrfgram (Redwood City Public Library), and Cliff Frost (CENIC).

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