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NOC Escalation List

The purpose of this escalation list is to ensure that any issue is resolved in the shortest possible time and with the mobilization of the appropriate resources.

The CENIC Network Operations Center can be reached at any time at (714) 220-3494 or noc@cenic.org.

Escalation to the next level is suggested if acknowledgment or response is not given in 15 min from the previous level or if further inquiry is needed.


CENIC Network Operations Center Escalation List


Level 1:  CENIC Network Operations Center   |  Office: 714-220-3494  |  Email: noc@cenic.org

Level 2:  Stanley Han  Manager, Network Operations  |  Office: 714-220-3468  |  Cell: 626-533-1686

Level 3:  Sherilyn Evans Sr. Vice President & COO  |  Office: 714-220-3438  |  Cell: 714-465-7753