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The CENIC newsletter updates our community on the latest blog posts, press releases, initiative updates, events, and other news, as well as announcements about the CalREN network, its maintenance, and improvements.


Summer 2018 Newsletter

  • A BIIG Milestone: Over 350 of the Hardest-to-Reach K-12 Schools Now Have Broadband 
  • Automated Networks at the Service Edge 
  • Internet for All in California: Overcoming Challenges and Creating Solutions 
  • Tribal Digital Village’s Quest for Connectivity 
  • CENIC’s Sherilyn Evans Recognized with Award 
  • The Quilt Circle 2018 Now Available 
  • CSU Campuses Boost Internet Connectivity 
  • Los Angeles County Library Gets $5 Million to Upgrade WiFi 
  • Second National Research Platform Workshop: August 6-7 in Bozeman, MT 
  • CENIC Job Board

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Spring 2018 Newsletter

  • The Unfinished Internet: Vint Cerf on Expansion, Education, and Preservation
  • Sacramento Library Offers Gaming, VR Programs Thanks to Greater Broadband Capacity
  • Grow Food, Grow Jobs: How Broadband Can Boost Farming in California's Central Valley
  • 2018 CENIC Conference Wrap Up
  • 2018 Innovations in Networking Awards
  • Second National Research Platform Workshop: August 6-7 in Bozeman, MT
  • 2018 Internet2 Global Summit: May 6-9 in San Diego, CA
  • COMPASS at the Exploratorium: September 6-7 in San Francisco, CA

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