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Network Operations

CENIC’s Network Operations Center (NOC) is the first point of contact for all services provided over CalREN, which is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  CENIC’s network engineers perform the many technical functions required to maintain and manage the optical (Layer 1), Ethernet (Layer 2), and routing (Layer 3) components of the network. These network engineers diagnose and resolve network problems, perform equipment refresh, replacement, and upgrade, decommission retired equipment, handle tasks in support of circuit installations, service upgrades, and backbone upgrades, respond to abuse complaints, and coordinate and communicate third party maintenance and repair activities.  Contact the NOC by e-mail here: noc@cenic.org  or by phone: (714) 220-3494

CENIC’s network engineers continuously strive to improve processes and documentation and actively share technical knowledge and experience within the team. Interaction with our engineers is encouraged, especially through active engagement on CENIC's Technical Advisory Councils, the DC-TAC and HPR-TAC, which meet bimonthly.

The Ops-announce & Ops-problem-detail mailing lists will allow you receive maintenance and outage announcements. The Ops-announce list receives Initial and Resolution notices, while the Ops-problem-detail list receives the Initial, Resolution, and Ongoing updates. (The second list can have a notably higher volume of emails.)

To join the Ops-Announce list please go to https://lists.cenic.org/mailman/listinfo/ops-announce 


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