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VMware FAQ

Q: Why is the agreement useful to CENIC members?

This contract provides discounts in addition to those on VMware’s then-current academic price list, available at http://www.vmware.com/solutions/industry/government/contract-cenic.html

It is unlikely that any CENIC member could obtain this level of discounts without CENIC’s contract.

Further, CENIC has negotiated contract terms that are quite a bit more advantageous than those in the standard VMware contract.  The UC system reviewed draft agreement terms and provided extensive comments, which have been addressed in the final version of the contract.  All resellers must adhere to these terms, though if there is an issue that any CENIC member feels needs to be addressed in addition to what is in the base contract, they are welcome to address their concerns with any or all resellers. The full contract terms are available here. >


Q: Was this contract competitively bid?  

A: The terms of the agreement were negotiated with VMware which is the only entity able to address many of the terms.  Resellers were asked to send CENIC their best discounts, and these are included in the agreement. The discounts are shown below.


Q: How do you purchase VMware services and products?

A:  For the Products and Services identified at http://www.vmware.com/solutions/industry/government/contract-cenic.html, CENIC Members may directly contact the Authorized Reseller(s) of their choice (list provided below) to obtain specific price quotes under the contract, in accordance with their procurement procedures. Additionally, CENIC Members may complete transactions with multiple Authorized Resellers to identify whether even greater discounts are available.

CENIC Members wishing to purchase such Products and Services shall execute a Purchase Order (“PO”) and/or mutually agreeable Statement of Work (“SOW”) with Supplier or an authorized reseller.  When submitting a purchase order to a reseller, CENIC members must reference the following Master Agreement number:  00255300.  This contract number is used by the reseller to validate that the purchaser is eligible to obtain the CENIC pricing and CENIC terms.


Q: Who are the Authorized Resellers and what are the discounts they provide?

A: The resellers under this agreement and their agreed upon discounts are as follows:


Q: Who may purchase services via VMware?

A: Any CENIC member defined as: (i) any CENIC Charter Associate or institution, campus or site of a CENIC Charter Associate, (ii) CENIC Associate, (iii) CENIC Auxiliary Associate, (iii) CENIC Sponsored Associate which is defined as any science, arts, or cultural organization that receives network services via the CENIC network, (iv) any healthcare clinic or organization, governmental institution, museum, educational entity, or other non-university related public institution within California connected to the CENIC network; and, (v) any other entity agreed upon in writing by both Parties.

For information about the CENIC contract and process, please contact Cassandra Patrizio here. >