Cenic Star | Will Black

Cenic Star  |  Will Black

CENIC is pleased to name Core Engineer Will Black the CENIC Outstanding Achievement Awardee for the Month of June 2016.

Will Black started his career at CENIC in 2008 as a network engineer on our Operations team, supporting NOC services. He has worked his way up in the organization, receiving promotions to Associate Core Engineer and then Core Engineer.

Since becoming a Core Engineer two years ago, Will has been taking on responsibility for some of the highest levels of engineering activity in the organization.  He is now among the most valued senior network engineers at CENIC, regularly assuming primary ownership of large-scale projects, such as layer-3 backbone capacity planning, space and power capacity planning, and leading efforts related to some of the most complex layer-3 troubleshooting incidents.  Other CENIC engineers and our colleagues within the larger community have come to rely on the deep technical skills and experience that Will provides.

These are just a few reasons why Will is deserving of being a CENIC Star.  Thanks & Congratulations Will!