Sana Bellamine

CENIC Star Sana Bellamine

CENIC is pleased to name Core Engineer Sana Bellamine the CENIC Outstanding Achievement Awardee for the Month of February 2016.

After joining CENIC as an Associate Core Engineer, Sana further developed her skill set and was promoted to Core Engineer. She has since distinguished herself by developing a strong understanding of optical networking and taking over the optical design role for CENIC, which previously relied heavily on consultation with Cisco optical engineers. Sana was primarily responsible for engineering decisions related to optical equipment for the 100 Gbps CalREN backbone upgrade. She has also taken on primary responsibility within CENIC for the Pacific Wave infrastructure and for CENIC's support of SCinet, the high-performance network built each year in support of the annual Supercomputing Conference.

In 2015, Sana was recognized nationally when she was selected to participate in a National Science Foundation-funded collaboration called “Women in IT Networking at SC,” or WINS, a program dedicated to expanding the diversity of the SCinet volunteer staff and to providing professional development opportunities to highly-qualified women in the field of networking.