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National Research Platform Workshop: Toward a National Big Data Superhighway

For two years, the National Research Platform Workshop has brought together representatives from interested institutions to discuss implementation strategies for deployment of interoperable Science DMZs at a national, and potentially international, scale. The viewpoints of researchers, cyberinfrastructure experts, and CIOs, as well as perspectives from regional and national networks, help shape the program. Recent experiences from projects such as the National Science Foundation-funded Pacific Research Program, along with analogous national and international projects, are essential features of the workshop.

Workshop sessions are devoted to science-driver application researchers, who describe their needs for high-speed data transfer, including their successes and frustrations. Discussions focus on requirements from the domain scientists and the networking architecture, policies, tools, and security necessary to deploy a National Research Platform.

The NRP Workshop has been co-sponsored by Calit2/PRP, Internet2, ESnet, Montana State University, and CENIC. It has support from the National Science Foundation.

For details, see these resources:

Second NRP Workshop (August 5-7, 2018) video playlist of all plenary sessions

Second NRP Workshop (August 6-7, 2018) presentations, for day one and day two

See the Pacific Research Platform website to get the latest about the National Research Platform: http://prp.ucsd.edu/.