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CENIC Extends Fiber Lease Until 2040

· Private Sector, RENS & NRENS
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CENIC has extended its fiber leases, called Indefeasible Rights of Use (IRUs), with Level 3 Communications on more than 8,000 miles of dark fiber until 2040.

This collaboration provides Level 3’s extensive fiber network to CENIC’s 11,000 member institutions statewide. Universities, schools, libraries, and other cultural, scientific, and arts organizations in California will continue to advance education and research using the world-class CENIC network, of which Level 3’s infrastructure is an integral part. The network is essential for innovation, collaboration, and economic growth in the state and beyond.

“Our next generation terabit network, CENIC 2.0, will have even greater user control and visibility, automation and software capacities for security, computation, and storage,” said Louis Fox, president and CEO of CENIC. "CENIC is grateful to the Level 3 team, which worked closely with us to bring this agreement extension to fruition.”

“CENIC has one of the most advanced research and education networks in the world, and serves a vast education community that includes some of the finest research universities anywhere — institutions like the University of California campuses, Stanford, Caltech, USC, and the Naval Postgraduate School,” said David Young, regional vice president of Level 3’s Government Markets Group. “Our engagement with CENIC informs much of the work we do within the research and education community. The network capabilities that CENIC brings to researchers in California support new breakthroughs in science, medicine, and engineering, and Level 3 is honored to be a part of such an important collaboration.”