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Cloud Services

In 2012, CENIC staff, with participation of staff from several member institutions, wrote and issued an RFP for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). After a lengthy and careful examination of the responding bids, the committee recommended that CENIC pursue contracts with three vendors.

As a major advantage for CENIC members’ convenience, CENIC’s own RFP process in selection of the following three vendors' services will serve in place of all institutional local procurement processes.

(Additional providers with whom CENIC has developed contracts outside of an RFP process include Amazon Web Services and AT&T Cloud.)

Questions about any of these services can be directed to info@cenic.org.

FireHost is the industry’s leading secure cloud provider. It reduces risk for customers by protecting critical data and helping them exceed compliance requirements. It is the only cloud provider with an infrastructure that was built secure from the ground up, alleviating customers from bolt-on or do-it-yourself security and compliance responsibilities. FireHost’s secure cloud is backed by a team of security specialists, including the industry’s only combination of a chief security officer, chief information security officer, and security operations team. The differentiation of its secure cloud offering is based on the following:

For more information on FireHost, please contact Morgan McGowan at morgan.mcgowan@firehost.com.

CenturyLink Cloud is a suite of cloud services which includes use of:

CenturyLink provides the infrastructure — including space and power, compute resources, storage resources, virtualization operating system, networking resources — and use of the Control Portal and API for provisioning and management.

For more information about CenturyLink Cloud, please contact Frank Saraceno at Frank.Saraceno@CenturyLink.com.

Education organizations throughout the State of California can now benefit from Verizon’s enterprise-class cloud computing and data center solutions. CENIC members can now purchase the following Verizon services:

Visit the Verizon Public Sector website for more information, and contact Cleve Nash at Verizon for more information.