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CENIC Joins Conversation to Plan for Our Digital Future

More than 50% of the world’s population is now connected online. CENIC joined internet pioneers and visionaries to mark the historic event and discuss digital inclusion, community resiliency, and the future of work. CENIC’s goals align with these themes as our staff work to extend and improve CalREN. Hear the highlights and get involved.

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How Connectivity Strengthens Communities through Education, Employment, and Health Care

In the greater San Diego area, the Tribal Digital Village operates a community network that serves 17 reservations and brings with it much-needed digital resources. Internet access has bolstered key areas to improve quality of life for families.

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A BIIG Milestone: Over 350 of California’s Hardest-to-Reach K-12 Schools Now Have Broadband

As a result of BIIG funding, 356 of California's most remote and underserved schools are now connected to reliable, high-speed broadband Internet. Read about the public-private partnerships, the benefits of connecting to CalREN for schools, and how CENIC will finish the job.

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Internet for All in California: Overcoming Challenges and Creating Solutions

Champions for equal Internet access from the public and private sector band together to close the digital divide and establish Internet for all in California. Read about their innovative solutions, from legislative action to industry disrupting business models.

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Tribal Digital Village’s Quest for Connectivity

Matt Rantanen and the Tribal Digital Village battle geographical obstacles and infrastructural impediments to establish connectivity for Southern California's tribal communities. Read how they apply solutions such as wireless tech, solar power, and unlicensed spectrum.

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Grow Food, Grow Jobs: How Broadband Can Boost Farming in California's Central Valley

Broadband helps farmers and students in California’s Central Valley use technology and develop skills to improve the agriculture economy. Read how CENIC collaborators such as the USDA, UC ANR, community colleges, and ISPs find funding and develop plans for better connectivity for the far reaches of the state, to help grow food and grow jobs.

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California Emerging Technology Fund and CENIC: In Pursuit of a Common Goal

CENIC and the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF) share a common goal: to close the digital divide by accelerating the deployment and adoption of high-speed broadband.

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SFJAZZ Collaborates with K–12 Schools and Public Libraries Using CalREN

In honor of Black History Month, SFJAZZ Education’s School Day Concert program presented award-winning bassist and bandleader Marcus Shelby and his Quintet to over 800 students at 11 schools across the SF Bay Area.

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Schools Across California Access High-speed Broadband Service for the First Time

Schools in rural California have faced significant barriers to broadband connectivity for years. Read how the Broadband Infrastructure Improvement Grant is funding a collaborative effort to overcome connectivity challenges and provide schools with the Internet access they need.

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