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Founders Circle Awards

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, CENIC has created the Founders Circle award. This award was established to honor the vision, creativity, and dedication of people who worked to found and build the organization. Eighteen leaders central to the development of CENIC during its first years are receiving this award: 

  • Bill Clebsch (Stanford), 
  • Mark Crase (CSU), 
  • Jim Davis (UCLA), 
  • Jim Dolgonas (UCOP), 
  • Susan Estrada (Aldea Communications), 
  • David Ernst (CSU), 
  • Rich Fagan (Caltech), 
  • Doug Hartline (UCD), 
  • Ron Johnson (UW), 
  • Raman Khanna (Stanford), 
  • Claudia de Luna (JPL), 
  • Jim Madden (UCSD), 
  • Don McLaughlin (UCSD), 
  • Jim Pepin (USC), 
  • Walt Prue (USC), 
  • Michael Scott (USC), 
  • John Silvester (USC), 
  • Tom West (CSU).


These individuals were early CENIC Board Members, designers of the original CalREN Network, and Advisory Committee Chairs.  There are numerous members of the community who helped get CENIC to where it is today, and this award will be given in subsequent years to honor other leaders who have contributed to CENIC’s success.

“A remarkable group of technology leaders from across higher education institutions in California came together to help create CENIC. Just as CENIC members today work collaboratively to shape and govern the organization, these leaders worked collaboratively to lay the groundwork necessary to launch the world-class research and education network used by millions of Californians today,” said Louis Fox, President and CEO of CENIC.