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20 Years of Connecting California

CENIC provides cost-effective, high-bandwidth networking capacity and connectivity to support its members through its operation of CalREN, one of the world’s most powerful research and education networks. CalREN has transformed the delivery of education throughout the state and increased the value of research collaborations that depend on the global exchange of big data. 

To mark its 20th anniversary in 2017, CENIC published the book below and released a video that tells the story of early challenges and captures interviews with the four leaders in its history — M. Stuart Lynn, Tom West, Jim Dolgonas, and Louis Fox. This history captures the memories of it founders and documents the true pioneering nature of its beginnings.

This book tells the story of the founding of CENIC and it's continued mission to connect California to the world — advancing education and research statewide by providing a world-class network essential for innovation, collaboration, and economic growth.