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March 2017

March 2016

January 2016

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CENIC and ESnet Announce Joint Cybersecurity Initiative

The Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC) and the Energy Sciences Network (ESnet) are pleased to announce a partnership between their organizations in the area of cybersecurity. The defense of information systems and networks is a necessary function of all modern enterprises, but scientific research organizations face particular challenges: support of open science and, increasingly, big-data science; diverse research portfolios; openness to experimentation across all intellectual domains; openness to collaborations within and across institutions – regionally, nationally, and internationally; and the need for seamless access to remote data-sources, scientific tools, and computational resources. The ESnet and CENIC communities share these challenges and are committed to improving the cybersecurity capacity of both organizations so that research is both open and secure.

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October 2015

· Libraries, RENS & NRENS

SMCL and SFJAZZ “Rock With You” via CENIC’s CalREN

CENIC is proud to announce its participation in the Music of Michael Jackson, a live-streamed jazz concert of the award-winning SFJAZZ Collective on Saturday, October 24th. Visitors to the Peninsula Library System’s San Mateo County Library (SMCL) will have the opportunity to experience and participate the event thanks to the library’s lightning-fast expanded Gigabit network, which was provided to SMCL through CENIC’s CalREN, a high-capacity 3,800-mile fiber-optic-based network.

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August 2015

June 2015

· Libraries, RENS & NRENS

CENIC and the City and County of San Francisco Collaborate to Make San Francisco Public Library the First 10 Gigabit Library in the U.S.

San Francisco Public Library, First 10 Gigabit Library in the U.S. – San Francisco Public Library (SFPL), the Corporation for Education Network Initiatives in California (CENIC), and the City and County of San Francisco announced today that they have collaborated to provide unprecedented direct connection at 10 gigabits per second access speed to CENIC’s California Research and Education Network (CalREN) and from there to the world.

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May 2015

· CA Community Colleges, Cultural & Scientific, Healthcare, K-12, Libraries, RENS & NRENS
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Path-breaking 100-Gigabit Connections Between Level 3 and CENIC Networks

Path-breaking 100-Gigabit Connections Between Level 3 and CENIC Networks- CENIC has established links to Level 3's network in both San Jose and Los Angeles, Calif., delivering an unprecedented 200 gigabits per second of Internet capacity to California institutions. This upgrade complements the recent 100G backbone upgrades that CENIC had completed last year throughout California.

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April 2015

· CA Community Colleges, University of California, Libraries
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Innovations in Public Libraries: The California Library Broadband Initiative

With the California State Library, CENIC, and Califa’s Library Initiative underway, the timeliness and relevance of an examination of broadband in the state’s public libraries couldn’t be better. In this Monday session, a great perspective on where things stand now, where they are headed, and how California will get there was provided by Tom Fortin (San Mateo County Library), Derek Wolrfgram (Redwood City Public Library), and Cliff Frost (CENIC).

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January 2015

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Cisco Discount Available for CENIC Members

CENIC is pleased to inform California's research and education communities about the creation of a Cisco Systems purchasing discount to all CENIC public and private member institutions. This new discount program is now available to CENIC’s Charter Associate members, including the California K-12 system, California’s Community Colleges, the California State University, the University of California, California’s public libraries, and other private CENIC member institutions.

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January 2014

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Governor's Budget Approved with $3.3m for CA Library Project

On January 9, Governor Jerry Brown released his much anticipated January 2014-15 Budget proposal at a press conference at the State Capitol. Most notably, the Governor has indicated his strong support of CLA’s lobbying effort to secure funding in the state Budget for a statewide, broadband infrastructure project benefitting public libraries by including $3.3 million in his proposal released today.

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