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Technical Advisory Councils

The Technical Advisory Councils (TACs) serve to provide technical analysis, review, and recommendations on the design, installation, operation and performance of the CalREN network and their fiber infrastructure. The TACs also provide guidance on technical issues relating to the CENIC infrastructure and to other areas as requested by the Board. Here you will find information about upcoming TAC meetings, as well as an archive of past meeting minutes, and other documents. 

The HPR TAC advises the CalREN/HPR Network & XD Service. It focuses primarily on the requirements of the research community, developing CalREN to support data-intensive, high-speed science workflows, and interconnection with other R&E networks.  

The DC TAC advises the CalREN/DC Network and focuses on the requirements of the K-20 teaching and learning communities in providing access to research institutions, libraries, cultural organizations, as well as general connectivity to the commodity Internet.

The SEC TAC serves to provide technical analysis, review and recommendations on the design, installation, operation and performance of network security systems, tools, and techniques as part of the CalREN networks and their related infrastructure. The SEC TAC also provides analysis, review, and recommendations on network and data privacy issues related to CalREN and common to CENIC associates. 

Individuals employed by CENIC Associates are eligible to participate in the TACs. CENIC Associates are explicitly defined in the CENIC Bylaws by its Board of Directors, and a current list of CENIC Associates is maintained at the CENIC website.

TAC members should actively participate in the discussion list, meeting, and subcommittees as needed. For more information about getting involved with the TACs, email Brian Court at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).