CENIC Star May 2017 | Phat Tran

CENIC STAR | Phat Tran

Phat Tran has been a network engineer on CENIC's Operations team since March of 2009. His strong technical skills were evident from his first day of work and have only grown during more than seven years at CENIC. Phat is a consistently solid contributor, often troubleshooting the most difficult issues. Whether working with colleagues at member sites, at other networks, or within CENIC, he's always willing to go the extra mile. Serving as a mentor to other engineers at CENIC, often by holding technical review sessions, is one of the ways in which Phat contributes to CENIC's professional development goals. He also participates in CENIC’s Security initiative, providing the operational perspective for our internal Security working group. There are so many ways in which Phat plays an important role in CENIC's success -- he certainly deserves to be honored as a CENIC Star!