CENIC Star Sept. 2017 | James Bellon

CENIC STAR | James Bellon

James has been with CENIC for nearly 10 years. During the past decade, he has quietly developed into one of the NOC’s most technically proficient network engineers. He is considered an expert in optical engineering at CENIC, and has worked on countless optical maintenance events and outages.

As a long-time member of our Grave Shift, James provides stability as the anchor for the latter half of each week. His humility is evident when he asserts that he does not consider himself a leader; his actions prove otherwise. Newer engineers who have spent time with James have cited his calm tutoring methods as a big influence on their technical development. Through his work with our Core Engineering team, James gained valuable experience in network design, which has allowed him to lead and complete many projects in Operations, often times collaborating closely and collegially with Core Engineering.