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UOG Unveils Ultra-High-Speed GOREX Network

· RENS & NRENS, Pacific Wave


The University of Guam today unveiled its new ultra-high-speed 100-Gbps network during an event at the UOG Office of Information Technology. The Guam Open Research and Education eXchange (GOREX) network connects Guam to Hawai'i and California via the new SEA-US fiber-optic submarine cable.

Installation was completed this week by technicians from UOG, University of Hawai'i, and GTA. Guam is now connected to the global research and education network fabric and capable of supporting high-speed exchanges of very large scientific datasets between Guam and other research institutions. 

To put into context what the GOREX network can do, it would take over three years to download 1,000 terabytes of data using a 100-megabit-per-second (Mbps) network. Through GOREX's ultra-high-speed 100-gigabit-per-second (Gbps) network, the same 1,000 terabytes of data can now be downloaded in just one day.  

Because of the sheer amount of data collected, shared, and analyzed, UOG research centers such as the Marine Laboratory and the Water Environmental Research Institute (WERI) will benefit the most from GOREX at the onset. However, UOG President Robert Underwood believes that the true impact to the island community is in the opportunity for data access, exchange, and analysis in other fields such as healthcare, economics, and the social sciences.

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The University of Guam unveiled its high-speed GOREX network January 18 at the Office of Information Technology. From left to right: Andrew Guihama, IT Project Management Coordinator; Leo Llegado, Computer Center Assistant; Randy Dahilig, Jr. Network Engineer (GOREX Local Hands); Randy Wiegand, UOG Vice President of Administration and Finance; Jose Santiago, Jr. Network Engineer (GOREX Local Hands); Dr. Tom Schils, UOG Marine Lab Director; Dr. Robert Underwood, UOG President; Steven Mamaril, Jr. Information Security Analyst (GOREX Local Hands); Dr. Bastian Bentlage, UOG EPSCoR Grant Co-Principal Investigator; Rommel Hidalgo, UOG Chief Information Officer; Frank Lujan, Chief Technology Officer, Government of Guam Office of Technology and Co-Chair of the UOG EPSCoR Science and Technology Steering Committee; and Andrew Gayle, Chief Operating Officer, GTA and Co-Chair of the UOG EPSCoR Science and Technology Steering Committee.