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Identifying Tiny Organisms with Giant Impact on Climate

Advances in automated plankton identification will benefit the fields of both computer science and biological science, enabling improved classification algorithms for machine learning and vast new data streams for plankton ecology. With success, the ability to rapidly and automatically find patterns in plankton ecology could drastically speed up observations of climate change challenges and solutions.

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Bringing Internet Access to Environmental Education in Yosemite

CENIC, UC Merced, and the National Park Service are collaborating to get Internet access to the new NatureBridge campus in 2019, which will offer many benefits and support environmental education for youths far and wide.

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Scientists Use Machine Learning to Prevent Senior Falls

Researchers are developing intelligent devices that predict and prevent deadly falls among the elderly by using machine learning that is supported by the cyberinfrastructure of the Pacific Research Platform.

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Leading the Charge on Science DMZs to Support Big-Data Research

Scientists working in fields such as genomics, climate science, and galaxy exploration accumulate huge data sets that require high-performance computer networking. Science DMZs and the Pacific Research Platform enable researchers to collaborate securely on these data sets from far-flung locations. Learn how UC Santa Cruz developed its cyberinfrastructure.

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Rivers in the Sky: How PRP Enables Scientists to Predict Extreme Weather

What would it take for weather forecasters to be able to predict seasonal climate effects — such as the extreme drought followed by the extreme floods experienced in the American West over the past few years?

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Pacific Research Platform: The Future of Big Data Collaboration

The Pacific Research Platform supports a broad range of data-intensive research projects that will impact science and technology worldwide. To meet the needs of researchers in California and beyond, the National Science Foundation (NSF) awarded a five-year, $5-million grant to fund the Pacific Research Platform (PRP).

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