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CENIC staff are united in our mission to advance education and research statewide by providing the world-class network essential for innovation, collaboration, and economic growth. CENIC provides exceptional value in advanced networking based on our unique understanding and undivided attention to our users’ needs. We share our knowledge and serve as an advocate for public policy that advances broadband access for all. 

Executive Management

CENIC’s executive staff bring decades of experience in a variety of fields that have prepared them to lead this unique nonprofit organization in its daily operations with an eye to the future.

Department Management

The department teams support CENIC’s strategic outcomes achievement through collaboration, cross-functional coordination, calibrated rigor, and regular communications.

Operations: This team manages the Network Operations Center and maintains our technical environment for millions of organizations and individuals across California.

Core Engineering: From basic broadband to advanced services for experimental networks, this team is instrumental in connecting millions of Californians with reliable and forward-thinking solutions.

Network Consultation & Design: This team designs, configures, deploys, and maintains all layers of our network infrastructure in consultation with our member constituents to meet their requirements.

Internet Services: This team oversees our traffic peering and exchange relationships with Internet service providers, content providers, and cloud service companies to ensure seamless connectivity.

Security: Leads strategy on enterprise and network security and privacy issues as traffic demands and capacity increase over time.

Systems Engineering: By ensuring that our internal systems are operating effectively and securely, this team helps CENIC maintain a focus on customer demands.

Project Management Office: This team is responsible for managing oversight of the entire lifecycle of service deployment milestones, which span initiation, circuit provisioning, through active production.

Business & Finance: As a nonprofit, CENIC relies upon our accounting and administration teams to minimize our operating costs and help us pass savings on to our members.

Communications: This team produces CENIC events, promotes network news, progress, and uses, and develops partnering initiatives.