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Libraries RFP 2.0

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is in support of providing quality high-speed broadband connectivity for public libraries statewide. This 2nd Library RFP contains the same terms as that first but is for a new set of sites and will have a different deadline for those sites only.

This Request for Proposal solicits responses from qualified service providers for various communications circuits and optional dark fiber segments across California. The physical addresses and NPA/NXX numbers, when available, are provided in the attached exhibits. For the convenience of sorting and evaluation, responses MUST be submitted using the Pricing Worksheet (Exhibit D) and responses cannot be in PDF or locked spreadsheets. Supplemental pricing information is acceptable and may be inserted into the Pricing Worksheet or submitted in a separate spreadsheet.

CENIC reserves the right to award all, some, or none of the circuits associated with this RFP. CENIC is acting as a consortium lead for the purposes of seeking bids and awarding contracts, and will also apply for Federal E-rate and State CTF discounts for awarded services on behalf of members of the consortium.

Libraries RFP 2.0 DUE DATE November 25, 2015 11:59pm.

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