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2016 2nd BIIG RFP

This Request for Proposal (RFP) is released on behalf of the K12 High Speed Network (K12HSN) and in support of the California Department of Education’s Broadband Infrastructure Improvement Grant 2.0 (BIIG) Program (http://biig.k12hsn.org), which provides broadband funding for school sites with inadequate capacity to administer computer-based online assessments. 

This Request for Proposal solicits responses from qualified service providers for various communications circuits and optional dark fiber segments across California. The physical addresses and NPA/NXX numbers, when available, are provided in the attached exhibits. For the convenience of sorting and evaluation, responses MUST include the Pricing Worksheet (Exhibit D) and responses cannot be in PDF or locked spreadsheets.

Time is of the essence for the procurement and installation of these services. With the anticipation of online student achievement testing to be administered, the program seeks services, wherever possible, be installed as quickly as possible. Installation timeline will be factored heavily in the award of any contracts.

CENIC reserves the right to award all, some, or none of the circuits associated with this RFP, and CENIC MAY or MAY not be the ultimate customer-of-record for every circuit listed in this RFP. CENIC is acting as a consortium lead for the purposes of seeking bids and awarding contracts, and MAY also apply for E-rate and CTF discounts for awarded services on behalf of members of the consortium. However, CENIC MAY also seek to supersede contracts to individual consortium members during the term of awarded contracts such that the individual members become the customers of record, and, therefore, assume both financial responsibility for the service and the responsibility to apply for their own E-rate and CTF discounts. 


Exhibit A Non-Disclosure Agreement

Exhibit C Reporting Requirements for Federal and State Discounts

Exhibit D Pricing Worksheet 2nd BIIG RFP