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Board of Directors

California Institute of Technology:

Jin Chang • Chief Information Officer • California Institute of Technology

California Community Colleges:

Van Ton-Quinlivan  • Vice Chancellor • CCC Chancellors Office
Tim Calhoon • Director • CCC Technology Center
Deborah Ludford • District Director, IT Services • North Orange CCC District

California State University:

Patrick Perry • Chief Information Officer • CSU Chancellor’s Office
Mildred García • President • California State University, Fullerton
Michael Berman • Vice President for Technology & Communication & CIO • CSU Channel Islands

California K-12 System:

Jerry Winkler • Director, Education Data Management Division • California Department of Education 
Terry Walker • Superintendent • Irvine Unified School District 
Todd Finnell • Superintendent • Imperial County Office of Education 

Naval Postgraduate School:

Joe LoPiccolo • CIO and Director, Information Technology and Communication Services • Naval Postgraduate School

Stanford University:

Mark Miyasaki • Executive Director, Communication Services • Stanford University 

University of California:

Tom Andriola • Vice President & CIO • UC Office of the President 
Michael Pazzani • Vice Chancellor, Research & Economic Development • UC Riverside
Larry Conrad • Associate Vice Chancellor and CIO • UC Berkeley

University of Southern California:

David Galassi • Assistant CIO • University of Southern California

California State Libraries:

Natalie Cole • Library Programs Consultant, Library Development Services Bureau• CSL
Anne W. Neville • Director, California Research Bureau • CSL
Patty Wong • City Librarian • Santa Monica Public Library

Outside Directors:

Greg Bell • CEO •  Corelight
Christine Haska • Vice President Information Resources & CIO • Naval Postgraduate School (retired)  
Ron Johnson • Vice President & CIO Emeritus, & Professor • University of Washington 
Larry Smarr • Director Calit2 & Professor • California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, UCSD 


Louis Fox • President and CEO (Ex-Officio) • CENIC 


Ju Kim • Sr. Manager, Network Operations • UCLA
Paula McKinnon • Interim Director • Califa



Executive Committee:

Tom Andriola and Patrick Perry (Co-chairs)
Terry Walker (Vice Chair)
Deborah Ludford (Treasurer)
Joe LoPiccolo (Secretary)
Louis Fox, CENIC (Ex-Officio)
Bill Paik, CENIC (Ex-Officio)
Sherilyn Evans, CENIC (Ex-Officio)
John Dundas, CENIC (Ex-Officio)
Dave Reese, CENIC (Ex-Officio)
Ju Kim, UCLA (Ex-Officio)
Paula McKinnon, Califa (Ex-Officio)

Audit Committee:

Christine Haska, Naval Postgraduate School, Retired (Chair)
Deborah Ludford, North Orange County Community College District
Michael Berman, CSU Channel Islands
Terry Walker, Irvine Unified School District
Louis Fox, CENIC (Ex-Officio)
Bill Paik, CENIC (Ex-Officio)

Finance Committee: 

Joe LoPiccolo, Naval Postgraduate School
Deborah Ludford, North Orange County Community College District (Chair)
Patrick Perry, CSU Chancellor's Office
Luis Wong, Imperial County Office of Education
Sam Steinhardt, Stanford University
Louis Fox, CENIC (Ex-Officio) 
Bill Paik, CENIC (Ex-Officio)

XD/HPR Committee:

Christine Haska, Naval Postgraduate School (Retired)
Jim Davis, UCLA
Tom DeFanti, UC San Diego
John Haskins, UC Santa Cruz
Greg Hidley, UC San Diego
Russ Hobby, UC Davis
Ron Johnson, University of Washington
Erik McCroskey, UC Berkeley
Paul Murray, Stanford University
John Silvester, USC
Larry Smarr, UC San Diego
Louis Fox, CENIC
Dave Reese, CENIC
Brian Court, CENIC