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Advisory Councils

Business Advisory Council:

The Business Advisory Council (BAC) is comprised of interested individuals from CENIC associate institutions and from the K-12 community who offer their services in providing advice and assistance in CENIC’s business operations. Participants are involved in reviewing and proposing new rates and rate structures, in overseeing the annual conference and in providing advice on business decisions and policies. The BAC chair is normally appointed by the Board of Directors to serve on the CENIC Audit Committee.

Doug Hartline, UC Santa Cruz (Chair)


Technical Advisory Councils:

The Technical Advisory Councils (TAC) are comprised of interested individuals who want to participate in the planning and design of CENIC networks and technologies. TACs provide advice on technology, including recommendations on hardware, software, interoperability issues, performance management, and network research priorities. Information about next meetings and meeting minutes are available online as well as the Charters for the TACs.

CalREN-HPR Technical Advisory Council: George Peek • Network Engineer • UC Santa Cruz (Chair)
CalREN-DC Technical Advisory Council:  Russ Selken • Executive Director, Information & Education Technology • Twin Rivers Unified School District (Chair)